Illegal dumping

Let’s respect our city, let’s keep it clean !

What is an illegal dumping ?

An « illegal dumping » is an abandonment of waste on the public highway, at the voluntary drop-off points or on a private land, outside authorized places.

A trash bag left beside a container is an illegal dumping.

Struggle against illegal dumping

Years of prevention are not always enough to avoid these incivilities…

The municipality is starting a new campaign to struggle against illegal dumping with :

  • The appointment of an authorized and sworn enforcement agent competent to record the offenses.
  • The use of security systems and cameras for he verbalization.


The offenders will get a fine and be notified of a reminder to the law.

This summons to the court will permit the invoicing of the removal’s costs of the illegal dumping.

The recycling center of Les Arcs

The recycling center of Les Arcs, open 7 days a week, welcome your bulky items and other waste.

It’s free for private individual.


By downloading the app « Dracénie Déchets », you will be able to find the closest recycling center to your home.



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