Regulated access to forest areas

Les Arcs sur Argens community woodlands stretch over 1560 hectares and are home to a vast array of flora and fauna. They also harbour a large number of ancient vestiges.
It is essential to get acquainted with rules, first to preserve the woodlands and ensure your own safety.

Fire risks in woodlands

Var region prefecture informs about forest access policy and risks of bushfires.

Fire risk map is published every day, before 7 pm, for the next day. Les Arcs sur Argens village is located in areas 5 and 6.

Orange colour means that massif access is not recommended. Red colour means that woodland access and working in the woodlands are forbidden.

In all cases, smoking, starting a fire, throwing flammable items, camping or throwing garbage is strictly forbidden.

Sharing the forest

It is essential to share access in order to make the most of the forest. Paying due attention to the fragility of natural environments and serious fire hazards that threaten its balance is crucial. A zone system allows users to practice their own activities . Hunting is allowed every day, in all zones, according to current regulations. (prefectural decree).


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