Regulations governing bush thinning

Fire hazards are severe in our region.
Protecting woodlands and inhabitants requires vigilance at all times. Legal requirements of bush control are compulsory.

What are these legal requirements ?

They imply :

  • Tall grass cutting
  • Shrub and edge trimming
  • Tree pruning


The goal is to reduce the impact of woodland fires, to preserve the forest and dwellings. The association of Var forest communities has just done 5 shots focusing on how crucial shrub trimming is. Get information on

Important to note

Shrub and edge trimming must be done each year, before summer, and in any case no later than 15th of june.

What can be done with brushstrokes

Pruning wastes can be turned into periodic mulching or compost.

You can bring your plants to the nearest recycling centre. You can even burn them out on derogation given by the town hall.

You can download the forms on the following website : or hand over the form at the townhall reception, at least 10 days beforehand.

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